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Thorold - St. John's Conservation Area - Autumn foliage - Laura Stewart

Welcome to Guidetags!

Every place has a story.

Guidetags is a free mobile app that tells you these stories on your Android or Apple smartphone, automatically, based on your physical location.

When you arrive at a point of interest, Guidetags uses your GPS coordinates to automatically trigger rich, place-based multimedia content on your phone. These digital point of interest pages contain audio, text, photos, video, interactive digital maps and street views, and an array of visualization tools that help you find, understand, and appreciate the places that you are visiting.

You can:
- visit thousands of points of interest in dozens of categories all around the world.

- Search and visit destinations one at a time in Find mode;

- visit clusters of thematically or geographically related destinations using Discover mode;

- visit destinations as part of a digital guided tour in Tour mode, with directions and wayfinding information.

Better yet, you can create your own place-based stories in any location, on any topic you choose, using the interpretours digital content creation platform that powers the Guidetags app.

It's simple! Contact us to find out how.

Every place has a story. Tell it!



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This point of interest is one of many on the GuideTags app –
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